Liquid Theatre Collective is a not-for-profit theatre company that combines a passion for the theatre arts with a vision to benefit humanity. 

We nurture new work and innovative, revival concepts through the development phase of production, and connect each to a companion Education Program and Humanity Campaign that aspires to transform lives and communities. 

Once a show has been created, our goal is to collaborate with a commercial producer and/or other not-for-profit theatre company to bring that show to the next level of production. 

The Collective concept is designed to incubate inspiration and excellence in both the theatre arts and artists, while inviting an atmosphere of inclusivity for all participants in the theatrical experience, including audiences and patrons who have yet to find a home in the theatre community. 

With passion and purpose, Liquid aims to build a culture of creativity, connection, and compassion. 




Having a consistency like that of water or oil. i.e. Flowing freely but of constant volume. Clear, pure, and flowing; harmonious. Easily converted into cash. 


 A building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given. 


 Done by people acting as a group. A cooperative enterprise.